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It can be challenging for parents to find online Quran classes that are both enjoyable and educational, but at Learn Quranic Online, we pride ourselves on offering just that.

With professional tutors who specialize in teaching toddlers in a unique, engaging way, your child will love learning the Quran with us.Our courses cater to ages 3-15, so there’s something for everyone!

Muslim parents aspire to teach their children the Quran so that they can appreciate the meaning and purpose of life, as well as the distinction between the lifestyles of Muslims and non-Muslims.

Professional Tutors For Teaching Tajweed and Hifz Program 

At our Quran Institute, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible Quran education to our students.

That’s why we only hire highly qualified and experienced teachers who have undergone rigorous tests and interviews.

1- Our team is composed of certified Quran tutors from Al-Azhar University, who are native Arabs and fluent in English.

2- We also choose trainers based on their record of positive feedback, 5-star ratings, and happy young students.

3- Our teachers use modern technology tools such as 3D versions, visual PowerPoint slides, and educational games to create the most engaging lessons possible.

Outcomes of enrolling your child in our Online Quran Classes for Kids:

At Learn Quranic Institute, our online Quran classes for kids have clear outcomes that we strive to achieve with every student.

These include:

1- Making lessons engaging and interesting.

2- Ensuring that learners can recite with Tajweed while avoiding common and hidden mistakes.

3- Achieving memorization of all 30 Juz or an even larger part through various learning techniques.

4- Beautifying students’ voices by imitating their favorite Qurans.

5- Promoting understanding of the overall meaning of memorized Surahs.

6- Cultivating love and respect for the Book of Allah, and enabling students to recite the Quran as Prophet S.A.W.W did.

Our 3 comprehensive Quran courses

At our institute, we offer three comprehensive Quran courses tailored to meet the needs of children.

Quran for Beginners Course:

This is specially designed for toddlers who are just starting to learn Quran. The curriculum focuses on essential factors such as:

  • Fluent and confident Arabic reading.
  • Understanding articulation points of the letters through interactive activities.
  • Developing a strong foundation in the methodology of Qaida An-Nooraniyah or Noor Al-Bayan.
  • Connecting letters to form longer sentences, with the goal of reading and speaking with ease like native speakers.
  • Reading and ultimately memorizing short Surahs.


2- Tajweed Course for Kids:

It is designed to teach students the principles of Tajweed in a straightforward manner, enabling them to apply the rules while reciting and achieve perfection like Native Arabs.

Throughout the course, students will learn:

  • How to read any Surah with proper Tajweed.
  • Correct practice and implementation of Tajweed rules, avoiding common errors made by non-Arabs.
  • How to recite similar to the way our Prophet SAWW used to do by learning from highly experienced and certified teachers with Ijazah.

3- Hifz Classes for Kids:

Our Hifz Classes for Kids are specifically created for little stars who dream of memorizing Allah’s Holy Book. We use different techniques to help children reach their goals, including learning Quran with the meaning of Surahs for better, easier, and faster memorization.

Throughout the course, students will learn to:

  • Strike a balance between memorization and revision to avoid forgetting previously memorized portions.
  • Understand the cause of revelation of the Surahs for enhanced comprehension.
  • Comply with this great task that requires daily revision and consistent follow-up.




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Quran Ijazah Program

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